Friday, May 13, 2011

The big Danmaku Unlimited feedback/bug thread

Came across a bug in the game or have some suggestions about future updates or just want to say something nice about the game? Just leave a comment here!


  1. By far the best game in the app store I have played. You might want to add a link to your blog ingame if you havnt already. Open feint support would also give players a conveinent way to discuss the game.
    My only real complaint so far is the ships are all very similar, the only difference being the direction they shoot bullets. Perhaps have unlockable ships or be able to buy a "counterattack weapon" upgrade that does something different on each ship after a graze combo. say release a volly of small smart rockets that homes in on the enemy with the lowest hp for one ship while another could shoot out electricity that chains to the nearest enemy.

  2. I seem to have some problems loading the 5th stage in the game. So far I have tried high and medium graphics and the game runs smooth on my iPhone 3GS. And I was playing easy and medium. In both attempts for me to get to the 5th stage, my game just crashes and exits. Tokens were saved which is good but I wanted to clear all stages to unlock boss rush mode (if that is how it is unlocked.

    Great game thus far. Totally worth the 1.99

    One more thing, the 1 looks like a 7 to me in the game font. Anyone else feel that way?

    I would love to try out the 5th stage and do boss rush since going through each lvl is time consuming. Oh and there needs to be a way to pause game to do other things then come back and resume (multitasking)

  3. A few points of clarification on my previous post.

    First config : high graphics in easy difficulty
    Second config : medium graphics in medium difficulty

    Multitasking worked if I just exit and go back in but if I was playing and I pressed the home button without pausing then went to safari then back into the game, I am greeted with the title screen.

  4. The crash is due to a memory leak during the level load, this has been fixed and will be available in the upcoming patch (waiting for review by apple). For the time being as a temporary solution have you tried resetting the device?

  5. I'll try that thanks. I'm also in the process of trying lowest setting.

  6. I'm very enjoying Danmaku Unlimited!
    This is great STG, and looks like Touhou and Hellsinker.
    Why don't you give danmaku name? It makes strong inpression and character.

    I'm looking forward to get achivements.

  7. Hi the game is great, can be improved an autosave function for don't restart all times the level from begin?

  8. After playing this game quite a few times, the minor flaws start to really show. This game needs a ton of polish in the audio department. The choice of songs is good, but you are re-using the same two for every level. The transition between the songs should be a short fade in/out instead of directly cutting it. The explosions sound a bit grainy.

    Also on level 3 (I think), the hexagon shields are removed just like normal bullets. If you bomb as they are deployed then you are faced with a wall of
    bullets that is impossible to dodge. The fact that on some levels there are bullets being fired at you while the screen is covered with the level name is really annoying.

    Misc. Features that I would like to see:
    Double tap to swap weapons
    Ability to set the background music from your iPod like in PicoPicoFighters
    More character progression in the shop; this will give the game even more replayability.